Fine Antique Clocks

Dr Mike Flannery

Turret and Public Clocks

I also undertake restorations and repair of Public Clocks some times called Turret Clocks both electrical and mechanical. In this field I have worked for private clients, public bodies, churches and collectors.

Working on tower clocks requires a slightly different mind set and perhaps larger tools and equipment. Nevertheless the same level of care is extended to these mechanisms.

Recent projects have includes the rebuilding of a projecting clock in Rye (Kent) to the restoration and re positioning of a large three train flat bed clock in Royal Tunbridge Wells. Restoration of the dial and clock mechanism for Arundel Cathedral Sussex.

The projecting clock was severely damaged by a delivery lorry and there was very little option but to re build the parts that could not be salvaged, a new frame was commissioned new electrical drive mechanisms were designed and built. The parts that were re salvaged were the hands and the gilded brass cupola. As the building was listed all work was undertaken with agreement from the Local Authority.

The very large three train flat bed clock in the old Royal Tunbridge Wells West Station was moved from its recent incorrect position on the ground floor where it had been subjected to a large amount of damage back to its original position in the clock tower. It was overhauled missing vital parts like the gravity escapement were redesigned and remade. The clock was brought back to life and was reconnected to the original dials. An automatic winding mechanism was fitted to the going train.