Fine Antique Clocks

Dr Mike Flannery


I specialise in; English longcase, dial and spring bracket clocks. French clocks including carriage clocks. Tower or public clocks both mechanical and electric.

I am fortunate to have experience of working on a great variety of English long case clocks. Some by the greatest English makers Thomas Tompion said to be the ‘father’ of English clock making.

The work I undertake on clock mechanisms will be determined by discussions with the present owner, together we will determine a treatment plan. Usually this will involve;

Dial clocks and spring bracket clocks are treated in a similar manner.

Lost or broken parts can be remade in a sympathetic manner and are marked as a replacement. Sadly when clocks did not have the value that they assume today, parts were removed to cut down the cost of repair. I can replace missing moon or calendar work, strike silent mechanisms or other parts as required.