Fine Antique Clocks

Dr Mike Flannery


I am an ICON Approved Conservator Restorer (ACR) and I work to the exacting guidelines of that organisation. I am also a National Trust Approved Horologist and I work as a Horological Conservator in various National Properties.

You will not find many examples of highly polished and brightly repainted clocks on this website. I am one of the very few conservation led clockmakers. I do not believe that there is any advantage to be had by refinishing a clock by polishing the plates and re painting dials until, in my opinion, most of the character of the clock has been removed.

My philosophy is that we are the custodians of the clocks for the very short time that they are in our care. They will out last us, as they have outlasted the very many generations of ‘owners’ that they have had in the past. A clock made in 1720 or earlier will if properly looked after still be running in three hundred years time, long after we are forgotten. It is perhaps a sobering yet comforting thought.

I believe that we must look after clocks to enable them to keep working correctly and that involves some maintenance, some intervention and often just a little bit of tender love and care.

I work for selected clients who share a philosophy of conservation.